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ERP system for window blind manufacturers

Established in 1997, we provide bespoke software solutions to companies in the UK and Ireland. We specialise in window blind software for window blind manufacturers and retailers.

In the past few years we have built up a large and loyal customer base, including many well known names in the window blind industry. Our main product, Blindata, is the most complete software system available to the industry.

In 2018 over 5 million blinds were made by companies using our Software. This represents a significant proportion of the UK and Irish blinds market.

Data Capture
  • What sort of computer hardware is required? 

    Any PC that has a minimum of 2Gb RAM and Windows 7 or Windows 10 will be acceptable. However for larger installations, file servers with at least 16Gb RAM are recommended.

    The faster the PC, the faster the software will run. Basically, any PC that is on the market today will suffice. The database can be utilised using either SQL Express or a full version of SQL Server.

  • Is it necessary to have Sage accounting software as well? 

    No, it isn't.

    The software will run independently of Sage. However, if you do use Sage, and you want it to integrate to Blindata, we are a Sage Developer and full integration can be implemented.

    The software also integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting systems. 

  • Can we use our existing stationery with your software? 

    Yes, we would be happy to make adjustments to our work orders, labels, invoices etc to meet your requirements.

    We have done this many times before. 

  • What happens if we go out of business? 

    Well, we sincerely hope that won't happen. We are a well established, debt free software house with a significant, high quality customer base.

    However, in the event of business failure (for whatever reason), we would be happy to sign an Escrow agreement with a third party as part of the initial purchase process.

    What this means, in effect, is that ownership of the software will transfer to the end user in the event of certain business outcomes. 

  • Which other companies are using the software? 

    A large number of companies in the UK and Ireland are using the software.

    These companies range from small domestic suppliers to large national companies who are well known names in the window blind trade.

    We provide software to the majority of the large independent manufacturers in the UK. We would be more than happy to provide a number of references upon request. 

    We also have an increasing number of customers in North America and the software has been modified to cater for this marketplace.

  • Is it easy to set up the software? 

    Yes, it is straightforward, although it helps to be organized.

    If data can be provided on price tables, products and customers, then a lot of data can be preset prior to implementation.

    Our fastest implementation involved going live two hours after installation! 

  • What about training? 

    Training can be provided, either in person or online. It is important to identify the most appropriate members prior to undergoing training. 

  • Can changes be made to the software? 

    Ball Software specializes in software development and is constantly making improvements to our products.

    We will be happy to carry out customer requests.


UK/Ireland Office

2 St John’s Park Belfast UK

Contact: Alistair Ball

  • Tel: +44(0)28 9049 3999
  • M: +44(0)7710 578433


USA Sales

Contact: Rory McNeil

691 Garden Commerce Parkway Ste 120
Winter Garden
FL 34787


US Support

Contact: Jim Lingenfelter

  • Tel: 909.800.4923


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